MYkind: today’s outfit.

Happy Wednesday! I’m in Portland, and you guys — this place is full of awesome. Just FYI. And now we turn the convo toward the vain and mundane: outfits!

This is what I wear when I want to people to stop me and say, “Oh my gosh; blue is your color!” And then I thank them and earn three self esteem points.

I made these wedges myself (just a scarf woven through Target wedges!), and because I’m the least crafty gal ever, they fell apart while I was dancing. So, you have one half finished shoe, and another… something else.

[Dress: 81 Poppies, Glasses: Local Drugstore, Wedges: Target / DIY, Bubblegum: Strawberry Bubble Yum, Photo: Betsy King]

See you Monday with a super chic get-up!

(p.s. 81 Poppies is giving all DFM readers 20% off! Enter promo code designformankind)

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