thank you, portland (+ a giveaway!).

UPDATE: WOWZA! We have a winner after just 17 minutes. That’s gotta be a record or something, right? Congratulations, Jill. I stayed in Room 309 on my very first ACE Hotel visit. Please email me to coordinate your winnings!!!

It’s time for my creativity course to begin tonight (SO excited!), and I have a special surprise for you friends. One of the reasons I chose the lovely city of Portland to host our first class is because the art/design community is so giving, creative and supportive of one another. It’s exactly the reason I love my little pocket of the Internet (you!) and I wanted to share a small part of my sweet readers.

I generally don’t run giveaways, but a few of my favorite Portland creatives have banded together to create the most glorious goodie bags for my students, and I want to share a bit of that talent with you. Ready to see a sneak peek of the bags (and learn how to win one for yourself?!)? Behold, the contents of this amazing bag:

1. Wreath Notecards, Tokketok Press
2. Gem Notecard Gift Pack, Egg Press
3. Flower Tea Towel, AnnaJoyce
4. Printed Tea Towel, Zanna Textiles
5. Morse Code Necklace, COATT
6. Notecard Pack, Satsuma Press
7. Custom Ceramic Ornaments, Jason Russell Ceramics
8. Single Card Leather Case, Sara Barner
9. Wish Tiles, Puji Studio
10. Letterpress Stationery, Studio Olivine
11. Letterpress Cards, Fortress Letterpress
12. Isosceles Necklace, Stone+Honey
13. Spiked Hoops, Alisha Louise
14. The Sealines Notebook, Jill Bliss
15. Land Bear Cotton Tote, Buy Olympia
16. Amethyst Drop Necklace, BLTN

Amazing, right? That’s a serious retail value right there — and a killer gift bag. HUGE thanks to my local PDX talent.

And now, for the fun! Win the above gift bag by guessing my very first room number at ACE Hotel in the comment section below. Ready, set… GO!

Good luck.




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