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I’m en route to Chicago (road trip!) today, so enjoy a few weekend links for me. And if you’re in the Chicago area, come see my TechWeek panel at 11am tomorrow with a few familiar faces. ;)

Onward, and happy weekend to you!:

1. I want this jellyfish dress in a crazy bad way.
2. Twitter addicts: craft a Twitter tea towel out of your latest message. (Wouldn’t that make for a fun proposal?!)
3. Other People’s Houses is an awesome showcase of yes, other people’s houses. (via kate miss)
4. Jordan explains how to make abstract art. I am so completely doing this when I come up for air!
5. Giant wall masking tape? YES, YES, YES!
6. Megan made a cat garland last week. I don’t love cats, but I love this garland.

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