MYkind: today’s outfit.

This is my go-to dress when it’s hot and I have to walk around a lot. Enter: the trunk show dress.

I swear, this dress is the most flattering thing I’ve ever owned. And it’s super light so I don’t sweat it out. You know what I mean there, friends. (Coincidentally, I’m wearing this dress in my most recent HGTV video)

These shoes? Kohl’s. I’m not lying to you. I had rarely shopped at Kohl’s until I moved to Suburbia Land, and now they are everywhere. Like Starbucks. BUT. They have a Vera Wang shoe line that I love, love, love. These shoes are exhibit A of my love for Vera Wang shoes.

[Dress: Libby Story, Wedges: Kohl’s, Photo: Betsy King]



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