MYkind: today’s outfit.

I don’t take pottery classes, but if I did, this is exactly what I’d wear:

[Patterned silk tee: Thrifted, Dress (as added layer): Lulu’s, Jeans: Gap, Shoes: Vintage, Handbag: ALDO (2004), Necklace: Larkin&Larkin, Photo: Betsy King]

Last time I wore this necklace, I got made fun of. But it’s OK, because it is the prettiest piece I have ever laid eyes on and I wear it near daily anyway.

p.s. I wear the dress above more unzipped as a layer than I do as a dress. All hail the zipper dress.

  • I think you look great like always!

    It’s funny to me when people make fun of others for what they wear. Once I got made fun of for wearing a scarf. In winter. Like my mom says, “They’re just jealous!” :)

  • It’s a fabulous outfit, but it would be a shame to wear to a pottery class… after about three minutes at the wheel it would be covered in wet clay and water. From someone who has done quite a bit of pottery, after the first day you’d just end up in an old t-shirt and jeans you don’t mind having speckled in clay. ;)

    But it really is a fabulous outfit.

  • hehe, i’m with addie, it’s a VERY cute outfit in all ways, but you’d likely have to add an apron overtop at the very least to ensure it doesn’t get smudged or splattered upon at said pottery class! :)

    the notion of wearing cute outfit to a pottery class brings up some good, nostalgic memories for me; i always made a point of getting “dressed up” for my art classes in college even if it wasn’t the most practical thing; it just made me feel good (to express myself). i fondly remember wearing little heels in pottery & printmaking class, and a cute get-ups under my aprons. another nice thing is that clay, at least the stoneware clay we used, pretty much washed out of nearly everything, so no harm was really done. :P

  • girl – that outfit is way to pretty to wear to pottery class. unless you are one of those freakzoid artists who manage to never get messy.

  • So, SO cute! I swear, your hair right now is PER-FECT! I love it and your sweet face!
    You got made fun of? How could someone not Respect that necklace and how you work it?! Awesome.

  • I happen to have seen that necklace in person, and it is A-for-awesome. Whoever made fun of you needs to be konked in the head with a giant geode. Now….if only I knew where to find a giant geode…..

  • My favorite necklace!!! Keep wearing it girl (and if you ever get tired of it, I’ll babysit it!)

  • Love this outfit! And this is one of my all-time favourite bags. It’s vintage-inspired, but not actually “vintage” – I got mine in 2004-2005 at Aldo.

  • omg YES! thats where i got it! i could not for the LIFE of me remember, but i thought for sure it was a flea market. changing now! :)

  • Love this look! I also love that you have and use your 2004 Aldo bag. I have bags FOR-ever and keep them on rotation so they look fresh.

  • omg i do the same!!! that way, i can feel trendy when i want. BUT, i find i always go back to the staple 2004’s. :)

  • I love the way you wore the dress as a layer and not a dress, I would never have thought of that, but it works perfectly. I feel inspired to go through my closet and make new combinations from my own wardrobe, now I can look at dresses through a new lens.

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