MYkind: today’s outfit.

You sweet things keep asking when the next outfit post is coming, and you’re in luck! It’s today! And because you were so kind to grant me patience during my crazy travel month of August, I’m giving you a bonus: TWO outfits in ONE:

This is the daytime version of one of my favorite summer ensembles. In a second, I’ll show you how I switch it up for evening adventures. Fun, right?

[Shades: Target, Blouse: Target, Shorts: Lulu’s, Sandals: Target, Vintage purse: Libby Story, Ring: Flea Market, Photos: Betsy King]

Wait a sec; it’s getting darker. And chilly. Let’s switch this up for night!:

Did you see how fast that was? I amaze myself.

[Blazer: Thrifted, Blouse: Target, Shorts: Lulu’s, Heels: Kind Boutique, Clutch: HOBO, Ring: Flea Market, Photos: Betsy King]

Also, this is my favorite blazer in all the land. It’s thrifted; sorry.

And there you have it – a complete day-to-night ensemble from yours truly. Happy Monday!

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