bookmark it: super edition!

My inbox is bursting at the seams with awesome news/finds/submissions, so this week, you get more than your average dose of six goodies. You’re game for that, aren’t you? Of course you are!:

1. Franco Brambilla created vintage postcards with a spin — aliens are invading each landscape. Ha! (via The Letter)
2. Harem Royal’s jewelry is so glamorous it hurts. Truly.
3. …as is Marina Massone’s. (Love the Sea collection!)
4. You can now submit your favorite news stories to T-Post! Gosh, I love this company.
5. Am really intrigued by the new Pitch Design Union series BitBloggers – exploring small blogs and those who write them.
6. Blanket Magazine has officially launched its new (first!) print issue! Print was never dead, friends. (Congrats, Bec!)
7. I do very much want a wooden camera for my bookshelf.
8. Why We All Need a Margin For Error: a wonderful, freeing read.
9. I’ve been listening to Do Lectures this week – a nice addition to TED talks!
10. There are beautiful things appearing out of Studio Mucke these days.

Happy Labor Day weekend, friends! See you Tuesday!

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