MYkind: our dining room.

dining room table after

I realize it’s been ages since I’ve updated you on my renovation, but rest assured knowing we’re still making progress! You can check out our dining room episode here, or the story of our beautiful DIY dining room table (pictured above!) right here.

And of course, the full list of episodes and updates can be seen right here! We’re getting SO close to the finish line, friends!

Might I add how much I love the farmhouse table Ken built? My Nordic fantasies are coming true with every nail he hammers! I’m a very, very lucky girl.

p.s. A few sources for you! Pendant is Iacoli & McAllister‘s Spica, “rug” is a combination of FLOR tiles (this design), chairs are from Burke Decor, sheepskins are IKEA, corner laundry cart (for fireplace wood!) is Aidan Gray from Layla Grayce, table and plywood clock are handmade!

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