MYkind: my planner.

I’m a ridiculous paper junkie to the max. It’s insanity, really – I have notebooks for everything. “Stuff I Want To Do In 10 Years,” “Stuff I Want To Do Tomorrow,” “Words That Sound Weird.” You know, the usual.

And there are stack and stacks of them. I have a weird tick where if I mess up one of them, I like to retire it into the archives of dismissal and typos. It’s a horrid habit, and very, very wasteful. I’m trying to stop. Be kind.

laurel denise planner

But – this post is about planners, not journals. Of which I also have many. But my favorite came to me last year from a gal named Laurel Denise, and I have never gone back to a traditional planner since. It’s a crazy smart calendar – you can organize by week, by month, write to do lists (that are perforated! what?!) and dot notes in margins – all while maintaining some semblance of sanity.

Anyway, Laurel just sent me her 2012 version as part of her blog tour and I can’t wait to bust out my Sharpies and color coordinate the crap out of it. Eek!

What are your favorite planners? I like having multiple options, so please share below! And if you haven’t purchased a Laurel Denise, I highly, highly recommend. They’re like, $35 or something. Very, very worth it.

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