for the crafty tween.


Unique ideas for your sneaker-doodling tween that loves making obscure objects out of gum wrappers and sees the world as nothing more than a blank canvas.


1. Crayon rings ($6) at Site NYC
2. Earbud knitting kit ($25) at The Spoon Sisters
3. Gift tag rubber stamp ($24) at Five Go Mad
4. Keri Smith boxed set ($27) at Amazon
5. Sneaker customization kit ($45) at Uncommon Goods


6. Mini crowns ($2) at Barnes & Noble
7. Paint can pinhole camera ($18) at Imagine Childhood
8. Let’s Make Some Great Art ($14) at Amazon
9. M&M candy wrapper jewelry kit ($22) at MoMA Store
10. Animal scissors ($2) at Dick Blick

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