for the kids.

Fun ideas for the kid in your life that tells the best knock knock jokes, wants to be an astronaut and wins the mac and cheese eating contest year after year.

holiday gift guide for kids

1. Wooden domino set ($7) at Store Without a Home
2. Old time sling shot ($25) at General Store
3. Gray cotton tights ($22) at The Vitrine
4. Gem crayon set ($7) at MoMA Store
5. Stocking stuffer paint packets ($24) at Abe’s Market

6. Dinosaur lunchpack ($28) at Perpetual Kid
7. Animal hands temporary tattoos ($7.50) at Unica Home
8. Wooden goldfish ($95) at Andy Smith
9. Karakuri model card ($9) at A+R
10. Balloon animals kit ($14) at Fred Flare

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  • And just like that you have me seriously contemplating the purchase of a slingshot for my three-year-old. Only you, lady. Only you.

  • I bought the animal hands for my nephew last time I went to visit Chicago. They were a hit! They last long and they do require a good scrubbing to be removed ;)

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