for the tech nerd.


Gift ideas for the man in your life that alphabetically organizes his USB drives, accidentally types his emails in HTML and knows exactly how much REM he has on any given day:

holiday gifts for the tech nerd

1. Recycled motherboard pen ($5) at Perpetual Kid
2. Cardboard FM radio ($35) at Fred Flare
3. Icon watch ($75) at POKETO
4. USB Hubman ($20) at Amazon
5. Web mail notifier ($4) at X-TremeGeek

holiday gifts for the tech nerd

6. LED Bicycle Light ($30) at A+R
7. BuckyCubes ($25) at ThinkGeek
8. Robot ($15) at CB2
9. The World’s Smallest Camera ($100) at Hammacher Schlemmer
10. iWoz ($11) at Amazon

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  • I have the Icon watch (#3), and the execution is disappointing. It’s cheap rubber and plastic, and while the design concept is awesome, I’m not sure $75 was worth it for something that looks cheap, like it was a toy in a Happy Meal or something. It also shows scratches quickly.

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