for your girlfriends.

Plenty of options for your bestie that introduced you to liquid eyeliner, hears the best gossip and knows your Starbucks order by heart.


1. Floral slippers ($5) at Forever21
2. Marbled leather cat coasters ($30) at Ann-Ya
3. Tiny triangle studs ($42) at Tiny Armour
4. Herringbone kuma pillow ($24) at Areaware
5. V&A daisy tool kit ($32) at Modern Palm


6. Heart tote bag ($48) at The Curiosity Shoppe
7. Binchotan face soap ($28) at Rikumo
8. Heading Downtown gloves ($20) at Modcloth
9. Is This Place Great or What? by Brian Ulrich ($50) at Clic
10. Majorelle mint tea ($33) at LAMB

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  • I’ve been needing to buy a hammer for like 3 months now and have been looking for a floral one! I feel like i used to see them everywhere!

    Anyway – buying #5 for myself :)

  • Hey Erin! Glad you like our “girly tools!” Our V&A Daisy Tool kit is such a fun gift for friends, sisters, mothers, etc. It even makes a great house-warming gift. Thanks for featuring these in your fantastic gift guide! You’ve put together some great finds. Happy Holidays!
    Modern Palm

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