MYkind: a big announcement!


That’s right, friends – Ken and I are expecting a new little addition to the Loechner family this July! We’re terrified / thrilled all at once, but one thing’s for sure – we wanted YOU to be the first to know!

I’m so grateful for this space to share seemingly mundane inspirations, thoughts and musings and although I sometimes shy away from getting personal, I really am uplifted in connecting with you daily. As I look back at all of the transitions I’ve been through since starting this site (in 2006! Crazy!), I’m amazed at the support you’ve given me through it all: job loss, cross-country moves, family deaths… and now soon-to-be births.


Life really is an amazing little cycle, isn’t it? Thanks for joining me on mine.


  • erin – i know i’m late in saying this, but congratulations to you & your hubby! i’m so happy for you :) i’m at 32 weeks today…enjoy the time you have while you’re pregnant – it just flies by! and i hope that your pregnancy goes smoothly & that you feel wonderful throughout the next few months.

  • well hello. ok, so i’m a little late to get the message, but congratulations! as the mother of a gorgeous 15 month old girl, I can’t rave enough about how magical everything about motherhood is. life is sweet and beautiful when you share it with little ones. (ok, sometimes she drives me up the wall, but one of her favourite things at the moment is giving kisses, so i know there’ll be one coming my way when she stops being a terror). enjoy! enjoy! enjoy! xo

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