MYkind: late night surprises.

After arriving home from SLC (more on Alt Summit later!) at 1am last night, we came home to a 48 degree house and discovered our furnace had flown the coop while we were out of town. Instead of stressing out after a long flight, we set up camp with a bajillion blankets, pillows and sheets in our dining room and designated a Fort By The Fire Night.

camping out by the fire

It was lovely. So lovely, in fact, that I’m planning a Fort By The Fire Day as I type this. Roasting marshmallows, reading real! live! book!, snuggling with the dogs and decompressing after an inspiring trip. After all, we can fix that furnace when we return to reality tomorrow, yes? See you then!

  • I love this, and am inspired by your attitude. The fact that you chose not to stress turned what could have been an awful few days into something memorable! Thanks for sharing x

  • You’re dogs look so happy…I wonder if they had something to do with the furnace going out!! Like anyone would need another excuse to snuggle up with thirty fury friends!

  • You have me almost wishing my heat wasn’t working so that I could have a Fort by the Fire Night (or Day) too!

  • No idea how ‘thirty’ got in there. lol I think I meant ‘their’

  • I applaud and support this! We’ve been trying to have more nights with the wood burner roaring and the thermostat turned down to 50. My collection of wool blankets has never felt so appreciated. Here’s to old fashioned winter comfort! (Also: a great excuse to experiment with hot toddy recipes!)

  • Just this weekend I brought up the idea of having a day where we build a fort and snuggle. Good thinking here. :)

  • That looks soooo cozy! It’s raining here in Vancouver (I know, such a shocker for the PNW!) and I’d love to be hanging out in front of the fire with a good book!

    But…inspired by your fab workshop at Alt on video blogging, I am off to the shops to purchase a new battery, memory card and tripod to try my hand at making a video! Sooo much simpler than your HGTV yummy goodness but it’s a start…

    (My husband laughed at me in bed googling camera supplies on my iPhone. Luckily he is a good sharer and I can use his DSLR!)

  • that sounds lovely. I love forts & fire places. i used to stay in my sorority house (slightly embarrassing to admit i was in a sorority but it was awesome actually). Anyway i used to stay over thanksgiving instead of going home and collect all the blankets and pillows in the house and hang out in a giant pile for the entire long weekend.

  • It’s not always our first response to turn something so disappointing into a super fun camping night, but it’s always more rewarding! Kudos to you guys for seeing the silver lining :) And I hope you enjoyed your marshmallows and snuggles.

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