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Happy weekend, friends! Enjoy a few of this week’s submissions and finds from all corners of the Internet, and I’ll see you back here Monday!:

1. Snoozer Loser’s newest collection is perfectly patterned – and arrives in March! Yes!
2. Tinlark’s Fresh Start event last weekend was a smash hit!
3. David Stark’s Wood Shop collection at Haus Interior is a nature lover’s delight.
4. A geometric lace bow tie for when you’re feeling extra fancy.
5. A website dedicated to unrequited love: A Little Like Freedom.
6. Jessica Swift’s rain boots could brighten even the cloudiest of skies.

p.s. Don’t forget to enter that amazing $4999 Bose giveaway from Monday – you’ve got just two days to win!

  • i would like that geometric lace bow tie now x 100 times.
    p.s. sending you an email cuz there’s something you need to laugh at.
    have a great weekend!

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