Hello; I’m Kristen Gregg of Marginamia!  We all know the feeling of discovering a truly bookmarkable blog, while looking forward to cozily savoring past posts and all that is yet to come. Well, I’m pretty giddy that I get  to package that feeling up for you every other Thursday here at Design for Mankind (just imagine it comes wrapped in brown paper and is being happily handed  to you over two cups of your favorite tea.)  For my first contribution, I want to share my love of Finnish blogs.  I hope these treasures will delight you as they have me!:

1. I’d visit Björkbacka simply for the adorable bff cat-dog pair, but man are these some pretty lifestyle shots!
2. I can’t wait to watch new blog, Suvi sur Le vif, unfold with it’s amazing photography and yummy edibles.
3. The brightly colored Kotipalapeli is full of beautiful family living and home remodeling.
4. Time of the Aquarius is always a delight. I’m most envious of  the awesome kitchen gear.

Thanks for having me over today. I’ll see you back here in two weeks, and don’t forget that cup of tea.

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