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Hello! My name is Laura Parke and I am thrilled to join the lovely company of the DFM contributor team. I am a graphic designer by day and a DIY/crafting junkie and blogger by night. In MakeKind, I will share my latest projects with you (I promise they’ll be easy peasy!). First up are some polka dot tights. Who doesn’t love a splash of polka dots to liven up an outfit?

Materials: tights, fabric paint and a 1/4″ dauber (or a round sponge brush).

Polka Dot Tights Supplies


Step 1: Conceal a piece of cardboard inside your tights to create a sturdy surface to paint with.

Cardboard insert for Tights


Step 2: Decide how far apart you want your polka dots to be, and begin making your pattern, starting at the toe and working up one leg of the tights.

White Dots onto Tights


Step 3: Lay both legs of the tights together, and begin painting the second leg, repeating the same pattern.

Finishing dots onto tights

Step 4 (optional): I decided to add some neon polka dots to my tights, so I painted directly over a few white dots with the neon paint. This was to make sure I kept with the pattern I had already created.

Neon dots onto tights


There you have it! Your very own pair of polka dot tights.

DIY polka dot tights

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