MYkind: 2nd trimester style.

I took a long, long break from showcasing my daily outfits when I found out I was pregnant. And there were a lot of reasons why, but mainly? I never got dressed. I can’t think of one ensemble that I took the time to put together, partly because nothing looks great when you feel miserable, but also? I think that part of my brain completely shut down.

I’d heard of pregnancy brain before, but to be honest (and yes, moms, you can judge me for saying this), I thought it was a myth (it’s not!). I thought for sure that it was connected to a tired, overworked mind and that if I could just “sleep it off”, I’d be fine. But the truth is? My memory flew right out the window during those first three months – and along with it? My creativity.

Ken jokes that it was nearly impossible to carry on a conversation with me because I would blank out on words, phrases and even names. But the kicker? I was totally surprised when I completely forgot how to put together an outfit that reflected me. It was bizarre, really. I chalked it up to not feeling confident with the extra dough around my belly, but to be honest, I think it was part of my brain that was being used to, I don’t know, make a baby. Maybe I’m crazy.

Anyway, I mentioned before that I relied on skinny jeans, long tunics and quirky flats because that seemed to be the easiest alternative (and most nap-friendly!). Yet now that I’m in my second trimester, I’ve got a big boost of energy – and my desire to wear out my closet is back with a vengeance. After all, gotta wear those non-breast-feeding-friendly tops and dresses while I can, right?

So, over the next few months I’ll be sharing what I’ve been wearing as this baby bump grows. It’s semi-hidden today, but believe me – it’s gaining steam and I happen to think it’s the cutest thing in the world (as well as its contents, of course!).

Now – onward with photos, which were snapped by my sweet friend (and oh-so-talented photographer) Betsy King in her studio!:

erin loechner second trimester

Here’s what’s perfectly second trimester friendly about this outfit: the dress is form-fitting, so when you want to showcase that tiny bump, it’s good to go. But if your bump isn’t feeling especially curvy that day (and it still just looks like you ate a large cheeseburger – or three!), you can cover up with a knitted vest that hides virtually everything.

second trimester pregnancy style

Throw in some leggings for comfort (because chances are, you’ve far surpassed the ability to fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans), knee socks for style and flat boots for function and you’ve got a recipe for second trimester style success!

second trimester style

And yep, there’s that bump photo. I’ll give you a peek of the side shot next week – it’s a cutie. ;)


EDIT: Reader Jen sent a link to this article re: pregnancy brain, and OMG! Genius. If you’re feeling down about pregnancy brain, mommy brain or the like, please read. It’s a goodie. (Thanks, Jen!)

  • Adorable! I too got the pregnancy brain(loss) is what I called it. It hit me hard at the end of my 3rd trimester and into the first 6-8 months of my baby’s life. I thought I’d never get my ‘real’ self back but I did slowly and I was super happy when I felt normal again. P.S. Love that tunic!

  • @rachel – oh that is so good to hear! i keep hearing that it never really goes away, b/c pregnancy brain just turns into momnesia!!! :) happy to hear there is hope!!! :)

  • Everyone says that about the cloud-brain. It’s very respectable to check in/out when it comes to inspiration, tough though when it’s connected to work. Great post, Erin- you’re absolutely glowing and these pictures are beautiful. Best of luck w Trimester 2!

  • @tara – believe it or not, they’re old navy finds from 3 years ago! they’ve hold up SUPER well and are crazy comfortable. :)

  • @shayna – aww, shayna, you are SO sweet! i totally agree – when work is directly tied to your creativity/inspiration outlets, it can be tricky! having contributors come aboard the site has been an insane lifesaver for me. :)

  • Very cute. I totally agree about not wanting to do anything. I’m at week 14 and I’ve been slacking on my blog ever since I found out I was pregnant. I’ve been thinking “Come on! You are always interested in creative projects, what’s up with you?” and now I’m glad to read I’m not the only one. All I’ve had energy for is nourishing this baby. I’ve basically been a human incubator–sleeping, eating, and lounging on the couch! But I can feel the energy coming back, which is a relief.

  • @amber – i TOTALLY understand! someone told me at a conference a few weeks ago that it’s only natural to shut down. after all, when your computer’s running all systems, it usually shuts down, too! :)

  • Erin, you look adorable! You certainly are glowing, and your outfit is fantastic! Great mix of patterns!

  • @maggie thank you, sweet maggie!!! (i think the glowing is a photoshop trick from my awesome photographer, betsy, but i’ll take the compliment anyway!). :)

  • oh, erin! thanks for sharing this. looking forward to seeing more!

    ps: you look great!

    when did you start to show? so fun.

  • @m fay: thank you dear! i just started showing a few weeks ago, so roughly 17 weeks? (i’m 21 now!)

  • I’m so thrilled to see a style post! You are as cute as ever. Thanks for sharing this part of your life with fellow design (and baby) enthusiasts.

  • That little bumpity bump is so sweet. You wear her well, darling! Hurrah for 2nd trimester energy pop! And know that I’m sending oodles of good baby vibes your sweet way, lady!


  • Oh I really love when bloggers don’t hide their bumps. What a treasure it will be for baby some day too:) You are glowing!

  • Erin you look so darned cute! As for pregnancy brain turning into momnesia it…wait, what were we talking about?

  • you look radiant…i went through the same thing when i was preggers- not feeling like i had any style…now that mr. man is just over a year old, i feel back my old self…creative juices are flowing, but the memory thing i still have to work on.
    can’t wait to see the bump :)

  • I’m totally with you! I’m finally loving the dressing of the bump and go either show off or hide as I please. And I’m secretly glad that we’re going into Autumn here in Oz so I can do tights and vests. Yay to Trim 2! Sx

  • OMG you look absolutely adorable!!! Love the outfit and you look incredible!

  • @jess – thank you! they’re old navy from like, 3 years ago! best impulse purchase ever!!! :)

  • @stephanie – oh you’re so sweet! i was SUPER tired, but conferences can be exhausting whether you’re pregnant or not! ;)

  • @sarah – oh you lucky thing! we’re headed into spring, so i have a feeling i’ll be donning maxi dresses galore! :)

  • Cuter than ever darling. Love the over-the-knee socks and stripes. So glad you’re feeling better. Soon everyone in the world will treat you like a princess because it shows and that’s pretty fun!

    • @jennifer – oh man, i know! i’ve already had quite a few people open doors for me – it’s so endearing!!! :)

  • you look so lovely! i used to be SO on top of remembering things…now, if i don’t write it down immediately, the thought is gone. it’s pretty frustrating. i can’t count the number of times i’ve walked into the bedroom and then forgot why i was in there. AH.

    i hope the second & third trimesters continue to give you a ton of happy energy. i’m at week 38 :)

    also, have you read “great with child”? i’m not sure what kinds of books you enjoy reading – i found it was quite touching and helped calm some of my anxiety about being pregnant. i apologize if i’m offering annoying advice too.

    • @stephanie omg no, i LOOOOOVE advice! to be honest, i haven’t read a single book. they’re all far too negatively spun for me (what to expect was enough to send me into a tizzy!), so it’s so good to hear that there’s one on the market that feels positive and calming! i should def check it out.

      and congrats to you – 38 weeks? you’re almost there! :)

  • Erin, you look so awesome! I love that knitted cape, especially with the boots. Pregnancy looks great on you :)

  • Oh I adore your attitude. So upbeat. And positive. And refreshing. Thank you! You are adorable. That is one lucky little lady that is being born to a Mama with such an incredible outlook on life.

  • i’m probably not the first to tell you… but you’re glowing!

    great pictures and lovely honest story to match.

  • I was going to say the same thing – you’ve prob been told a million times, but you are seriously a stunning mother to be. You are positively glowing, and your outfit is darling. Can’t wait to see more! (PS – it’s my first time reading your blog – I know, where have I BEEN?! Really loving it).

  • I love the layers, the boots, the socks – everything! Way to show pregnancy brain who’s the coolest, who’s creativity shall not be brought asunder, and who’s in charge. (… YOU… in case pregbrain was wondering)
    Congratulations! And thanks for the outfit inspire.

  • you look sooo lovely and happy to be where you are and who you are, if we could only dress in a tunic of happiness, right?! thanks for sharing this pics besides it’s a great way to keep a photo journal that baby will later LOVE (believe me they love to see pictures of themselves inside us: really i was in there? hmmm,and how did i come out? YIKES!-THAT’S A CONVERSATION THAT WON’T BE HAD ANY TIME SOON)…take care, keep shining

  • Pregnancy brain and mommy brain are so crazy! When I was pregnant, I would forget the things I wanted to say in meetings that I called. When I went back to work after maternity leave I used my badge for getting into my office to “badge out” of the bathroom!

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