MYkind: pregnant style!

I’m back with another pregnancy outfit that I’ve been love, love, loving lately. Here’s the thing: Betsy took this photo at 20 weeks, when I was smack dab in the middle of my pregnancy. And for me, week 20 was when my belly couldn’t decide if it wanted to be big or small. So a tent dress it was:

pregnancy style

On days my belly looked big, I belted the dress so people would open doors for the pregnant girl.  And on days my belly looked teeny, I kept the dress flowy as if I’d just eaten 4 bowls of guacamole.

Also of note? Color. My gosh, I can’t get enough of color these days. It’s like shouting to the world, “There’s a baby behind this smashing shade of pumpkin orange!” I like that.

pregnancy outfit

By the way – your comments on this post were so, so wonderful – thank you for making my pregnancy brain feel much more at ease!


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