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Happy Friday, friends! I’ll be traveling down south for a family wedding and am super excited to put on my dancin’ shoes (err, flats). What are your plans? If weekend Internet perusing is in your future, here are a few interesting submissions and finds that landed in my inbox this week!:

1. Aaron Farley’s latest artwork is perfection.
2. I love almost everything in Giant Lion’s jewelry shop. So hard to choose a fave!
3. Smart product alert: a leather strap from The Link Collective turns a scarf into a handbag!
4. Color Forecast is a new groundbreaking site that shows color trends in international cities. Genius!
5. Luiz Pendella’s video on contemporary porcelain company Holaria is gorgeous.
6. This acrylic painting by Christine Soccio would be gorgeous in a color-starved dining room, yes?

p.s. Thank you so much for your support with this week’s launch of Design for MiniKind! I’m having so much fun with the new venture, and it’s so exciting to hear all of you expectant ladies and mothers’ stories! Keep ’em coming!

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