This week on MakeKind, I’m sharing a DIY pencil holder that doubles as a mini office organizer. Made from cork trivets, this project is easy to create and super functional – bonus!

MATERIALS // 6 cork trivets, power drill, 3/8″ drill bit, glue


STEPS // 01  GLUE TRIVETS  Using the glue, adhere two trivets together by stacking one directly on top of the other.


02 //  STACK TRIVETS  Continue gluing each trivet to one another, making a complete stack when all six trivets are used. Press firmly when finished. (helpful hint: place a heavy item, like a book, on top of the stack when finished and allow to dry overnight)



03 //  MEASURE FOR DRILLING Measure about 2/3 down the stack of trivets and note the measurement. (Mine was 1.5″). On your drill bit, make a mark (I wrapped tape around the drill bit) of the same measurement, so you will know how far to drill into your stack.



04 // DRILL THE HOLES Using the power drill and 3/8″ drill bit, make several holes in the cork. I put one in the middle and six surrounding the middle, for a total of seven holes. You can certainly choose to make more or less holes depending on your preferences.



Fill each hole with a writing utensil and there you have it!


The added bonus? Because the pencil holder is made from cork, it doubles as a memo board! Enjoy!

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