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Can you believe it’s almost May? Mother’s Day is just around the corner (not to mention summer!), and my favorite gift to give this time of year? Books. I love to embellish them just like any other package. Sometimes I simply wrap them with twine, but today I’m crafting a custom book jacket with newsprint, coffee filters and a bit of thread. Here’s how:

MATERIALS // coffee filters, utility knife, ruler, cutting mat, sheet of newsprint, embroidery needle, neon thread, scissors

Step 1 / Prepare Coffee Filters

STEPS // 01 PREPARE COFFEE FILTERS  Iron coffee filters flat using low heat. Once flat, trim out 1″ and 1/2″ squares and set aside (at least 30 of each).


02 // MAKE 5 PANEL JACKET  If your book already has a jacket, simply remove, trace on newsprint and trim. If not, lay book closed on newsprint. Wrap paper around book, mark each edge. Add an additional 3″ to the front and back to create flaps, then trim off excess. Wrap jacket around book and crease front and back cover to hold in place.

03 // EMBELLISH BOOK JACKET  Once jacket is assembled, lay out coffee filter squares in desired pattern (I made stacks consisting of 2 large and 2 small, then arranged in a grid of 3 across, 5 down). Once you are happy with the pattern, you can begin sewing them on.

I used a simple stitch that resembles a staple. It starts and ends on the back side and is tied with a double knot. If anything is slightly imperfect, no worries. It just adds to the charm!

Once all stacks are sewn, apply jacket to book, write a sweet little note and hand off to your nearest loved one!

photos by Christine for Design For Mankind

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