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Friends, I can’t thank you enough for your uplifting comments, emails and Tweets re: yesterday’s post. You are such a positive, encouraging bunch and I feel so lucky that you gather here daily! Enjoy your weekend (I’ll be working on a new film project for the bulk of my time – more on that later!). In the mean time, here are some fantastic finds from around the web that landed in my inbox this week:

1. Erin Jane Nelson and Ming Lin are raising funds to offer a FREE summer school for the arts in Vancouver’s Chinatown. Very, very worthy cause.
2. I’d love to don this moon crop top over maxi dresses this summer!
3. Callie Thompson’s new work is stunning (especially the Friend series!).
4. Also of note? Emily Green’s necklaces. One of each!
5. Kelly Lynn Jones makes me want to want flowers.
6. This fire truck guest house is a huge chunk of genius.

See you Monday, dears! And if any of you have ideas on how to keep this transparency/authenticity movement going, I’m all ears. I’d love to incorporate such inspiring thoughts more often!

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