Today’s picks simultaneously fuel my wanderlust and my nesting instincts; I want to travel to far away shores and return to a home curated to cozy perfection.

1. Masami Akatsuka’s blog, Cocon, is every bit as lovely as her handmade goods. In addition to beholding her beautiful making and styling chops, we’re given a peak into her sweet family life in France.

2. 8 Rue Caffarelli  documents all of Christine Kim’s envy-worthy adventures. Her photography is as alluring as her lifestyle: watching  stars and sunrises atop piles of rugs in the Sahara, bike rides along the Siene, and dining on what looks like the tastiest food from all the world’s corners.

3. Jantien and Hester are behind Dutch design company, Tas-ka, and the accompanying blog is (not so surprisingly) chock-full of inspiration and awesome finds. I’m in hot pursuit of one of their adorable wall racks, myself.

And I must say (as a gatherer of awesome blogs), I could’t be more excited for Erin’s new Design for Minikind; congratulations on a wonderful new project, Erin!  Here’s to warm homes, adventuresome travels and , of course, a happy Thursday.

  • “I want to travel to far away shores and return to a home curated to cozy perfection.” I love that, and amen.

    Those blogs definitely have me inspired to create something pretty!

  • Thank you, ladies. Thank goodness for those who inspire, right? It’s hard to leave these three beautiful blogs without cozy ideas!

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