MAKEkind 11.

This week I’m sharing a simple, yet somewhat time intensive project. It’s a catch-all of sorts made from sheets of cardboard. I did this project in steps so it didn’t seem so daunting – it’s worth it because the end product is custom and so, so useful.  Here’s how to make your own!:

MATERIALS // 25 pieces of cardboard measuring 10″ x 10″, straight edge ruler, a pencil, glue, utility knife with plenty of extra blades.

STEPS // 01 MEASURE YOUR TEMPLATE Using the straight edge and a pencil, measure a 1″ border on one piece of cardboard. This ensures enough space for sturdiness in your finished piece. Next, measure each compartment that you want to make. I measured a few items I use frequently and based my compartments accordingly.

02 // CREATE TEMPLATE Once you have everything measured out, use a utility knife to cut out each compartment to create a template. This template will also serve as one of the top layers, so be sure to save it. Don’t worry about marking it up, because it will be sandwiched between other layers of cardboard.

03 // MAKE YOUR PIECES Using your template, you’ll cut out 20 sheets of cardboard, like this:

04 // GLUE PIECES TOGETHER First, glue 5 uncut pieces of cardboard together to create a bottom. Then glue the 5 pieces with the one large cutout on top of the base. Do this by squirting a thin layer of glue onto the cardboard, smooth with a brush if desired and stack directly on top of each other, making sure the sides line up on each layer as you go.

05 // KEEP GLUING Next, take the 10 pieces that have the two cutouts and glue them right on top of the stack of cardboard. Again, making sure the sides match up. 

06 // FINISH GLUING Take the last 5 pieces with the three cutouts and glue them onto the stack. When finished, press firmly and allow to dry. Helpful tip: place a heavy book on top of the stack to ensure all corners adhere to one another.

07 // ALLOW TO DRY Let the cardboard dry overnight. Then allow it to work for you by holding your essential items in a handy place!


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