the ultimate baby registry: clothing.

The Ultimate Baby Registry (Part 2!) has arrived, and today we’re talking clothing. Which threads will your little babe love, and which will sit untouched in the closet? I’ve gathered a list of what I’ve registered for after talking with dozens of real moms (who are much, much smarter than I). Here’s what we came up with!:


Babies are asleep all of the time, so having a stockpile of basic onesies that act as glorified pajamas are key. I chose basic white onesies in organic cotton for fuss-free (safe) bleaching of stains. (Note: If you’re having a winter baby, these long-sleeved onesies are good options, as well!).

Sleep sacs or gowns are lifesavers for middle-of-the-night changing when messing with snaps seems like torture (or for layering in lieu of traditional blankets). PAIGELAUREN baby’s classic sac is my favorite (and those mini stripes are just adorable!).

3. BOTTOMS // QTY: 8
Separates are great for quick and easy changes, so pants and leggings can be lifesavers (these striped leggings at Polarn O. Pyret are adorable and great basics to mix/match). For the hot days where you’re out and about, a diaper cover is a great alternative (I love these organic cotton bloomers at Darling Clementine.)

4. SOCKS // QTY: 6
Surprisingly, socks are essential for those tiny toes. I love Trumpette’s Lucy’s socks not only for their adorable design, but they’re easy to spot in the laundry (and we all know how frustrating the missing sock game can be!).

5. PAJAMAS // QTY: 4
Onesies can act as pajamas if you’re swaddling, but long-sleeved bodysuits are also good options.

I chose a few just-for-fun outfits for special occasions or cute photo opps, like this cute and fuss-free bubble romper.

7. MITTS // QTY: 2
Baby nails can be sharp and unruly, so if you don’t plan to swaddle during every nap, baby mittens are a must.

8. HAT // QTY: 1
If you’re having a winter baby, a knit hat is a good idea (and too cute for words!).

9. TOPS // QTY: 8
Opt for tops with snaps at the neck so your baby’s head has plenty of space to fit through. Or, a muslin wrap is a nice lightweight alternative for summer babies.

10. CARDIGAN // QTY: 1
A cardigan to slip on for evening walks might be in order if the weather is chilly. (A stroller blanket will do the trick for warmer months.)

So what’s your take, friends? Anything I’ve left out that your baby loved? Fill me in below, and here’s to building the perfect registry (and closet!) for your little ones!