top 10 pregnancy apps.

Apps are becoming increasingly useful in my daily life (OK, and increasingly distracting, but that’s an entirely different post!), and today I wanted to share some fantastic apps that I’ve been relying on heavily throughout my pregnancy. From meal planning to meditation, there truly is a pregnancy app for everyone! Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Prenatal Smart ($0.99)
You’re starving, but aren’t sure if that trout is safe for the minnow in your belly. Check Prenatal Smart, which has a searchable list of foods to avoid (and why!).
2. Baby Names + ($1.99)
I purchased this app on a road trip a few months into my pregnancy, and Ken and I had a blast looking through all of the amazing (and amazingly quirky!) names out there. Ultimately, we settled on one without the app, but it was definitely a fun way to pass the time (and I found a few favorites if we ever have a boy down the road!).
3. Positive Pregnancy ($2.99)
I already mentioned this one on my Pregnancy Life-Savers page, but this was truly a life-saver for my first trimester. A relaxation, meditation-focused app, I loved listening to Andrew Johnson’s soothing words before bed.
4. Pregnancy & Medication Lite (FREE)
I came down with a killer cold at 8 weeks pregnant and downloaded this app right away to do some preliminary research on which medications were safe for the baby to take. Definitely a nice one to have on hand!
5. 50+ Most Popular Mocktails ($1.99)
This one’s just for fun, but I plan to use it when summer entertaining season is in full swing and am in need of a recipe for an indulgent alcohol-free treat.
6. eSleep Lite (FREE)
I stopped sleeping through the night at five months pregnant, so this app was essential in relaxing my mind during a rough night of tossing and turning.
7. BabyCenter’s My Pregnancy Today (FREE)
This was the first app I downloaded when I learned I was expecting, and has since been the perfect companion for keeping me in the loop re: my body, baby’s growth and important milestones. The information is bite-sized, so it’s wonderful if you have the tendency to get overwhelmed every time you open a pregnancy book.
8. Labor and Contraction Timer ($0.99)
I haven’t had to use this yet (only 2 months to go!), but I’m betting it’s a bit of a Godsend when the time comes to start prepping for labor. Why not download this one on your partner’s phone so he can start practicing his stopwatch skills?
9. My Labor Bags ($1.99)
A packing list (with tips!) for prepping the bag you take with you to the delivery room. Perfect for the mom who has a tendency to over-pack or the dad who continually forgets his toothbrush.
10. Pilates for Pregnancy ($9.99)
This one was pricey, but I found it invaluable when I traveled extensively throughout my first and second trimester. Each workout is catered to a specific part of your body, and all are safe for baby.

Any apps you guys have to add to my list? I’d love to hear what you’ve found useful during your pregnancies!