bookmarkable 7th post

1. Oh how I love art involving delicate paper!  Visit Essimar for lots of pretty paper (don’t paper crafts feel perfect for summer? )

2. Seventy Tree — I love her washi tapes and prints. And I love her blog just as much, with it’s beautiful photos and fantastic links. Watch out for Seventy Tree!

3. With the official start of Summer just around the corner, I’m so happy to see Jamie’s seasonal flower arrangements on Found While Walking. It’s just not summer without them!

4.  It’s no wonder everyone is bonkers for indigo. The color, the process, the beautiful textiles it yields — it’s all so inspiring.  I stumbled across Spirit Cloth while searching for Japanese Boro quilts and was instantly delighted with the indigo (and general textiles) magic there.

Happy Father’s day to all you dads!  And a Happy Thursday to the rest of you!