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I (Tiffany) am recently engaged (YAY!), and we are planning a quick wedding. A quick wedding means quick decisions.

Last week, I was in the middle of one of my typical “I made that choice really quickly. Was it the right thing? Am I sure that it was the right thing?” cycles when my fiancé reminded me: “You have good taste. Trust it.”

Oh, how simple and yet profound all at the same time.

You have good taste. Trust it.

The people we admire in the design world didn’t get where they are by doubting themselves and second-guessing decisions. They got there by knowing what they like, trusting their style, and owning their decisions.

Test Run: Spend this weekend trusting your taste and your instincts, and making quick decisions. You never know what might come of it…

  • First of all, congrats! Thanks for the great advice. I always suffer from the inability to make quick decisions so it’s inspiring that you can do it with your wedding!

  • this post was really inspiring. i think many of us struggle with second guessing ourselves because we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect all the time, which is silly because sometimes its those little imperfections that make things much more interesting anyway. congratulations on your wedding and the ability to do it quickly!

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