Summertime is upon us which, for some, means vacation time! For this week’s MakeKind post, I’m going to show you a creative way to keepsake some memories from a special trip…

MATERIALS // box lid (the one shown is from a paper mache box found in most craft stores), glue, scrapbook paper, scissors, pencil, washi tape, embroidery thread and momentos from a recent trip.


Last month I was fortunate enough to go on a quick trip to New York City so I used a polaroid picture, a metro card, a taxi cab receipt, a jewelry charm and a wearable button so I could remember the fun trip I shared with my husband.

STEPS // 01 TRACE CIRLE  Using the box lid and pencil, trace a circle on the back of your scrapbook paper. Then trim out the circle, cutting on the inside of your line so it will fit into the lid. Continue to trim the circle until it fits snuggly into the lid.



02 // GLUE Squirt out a few drops of glue on the inside of the lid and carefully lay your paper down, smoothing it out to ensure good contact and a smooth surface.



03 // START COLLAGING I used photo corners to secure the polaroid and I used a little spring clip to hold the metro card and taxi receipt. Using the clip with tape allowed for depth to be added to the collage because they hang away from the background. Finally, I used embroidery thread and a needle to hang the camera charm. Using different items to create your collage, like clips, thread and photo corners allows for visual interest and texture.





Once all of your pieces are in place, you can hang up the frame or lean it against a wall! Happy crafting!

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