me + gap + rue = love.

A few months ago, I had the immense pleasure of “modeling” (I use that term very, very loosely, friends) for Gap’s campaign in conjunction with Rue Magazine (you did catch the latest issue, yes?). The mag chose a few of their favorite bloggers to style pieces from Gap’s summer collection, and of course, I was absolutely on board. (Fun fact: I’ve been living in Gap tees throughout my entire pregnancy – they’re perfectly belly-friendly!)…


For the shoot, we all flew to Atlanta and landed in a serene, quiet goat farm where stylists Ginny Branch and Amy Osaba worked their magic (and how gorgeous are the photos from Our Labor of Love?!). Ginny helped me choose a nautical striped shift dress (because it was nearly the only thing this burgeoning belly could handle!) and we accessorized with a pair of my favorite wedges and turban I’d brought from home. And look closely – you’ll see a necklace that Ginny made herself (it’s gorgeous!).


It’s funny to look back at these photos, because I remember feeling so massive, but gracious, that is a tiny baby bump compared to what’s happening now!

Anyway, a huge thanks to Gap, Rue and all who made this campaign so much fun! See more styles at!

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