With the weather allowing more dinners al fresco, I have found the need for candlelight as the sun goes down and the meal time lingers. These candle holders I’ve created are simple and offer a world of possibilities! Follow along for the instructions!:

MATERIALS // Whittling block, white craft paint, paint brush, dot stickers and a 7/8″ drill bit (or one that matches the size of candles you choose to use)

STEPS // 01 DRILL HOLE Mark the center of one end of the whittling block. Using the drill bit, make a hole in the wood, about 1″ deep.

02 // MASK With the dot stickers, create a pattern where you want the wood to remain showing. I chose to go around the whittling block, overlapping the circles slightly. Press the stickers firmly once in place.

03 // PAINT Going over the dots, paint the whittling block. I chose to paint only one end of the whittling block and left the bottom bare. To ensure full coverage, paint 2-3 coats and allow to dry completely.

04 // PEEL Once the paint is dry, gently peel off the stickers to reveal your design.

Then get your candles ready and light them up!


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