It might be due to my 1980’s upbringing, but I’ve got a major crush on the carefree aesthetic of splattered-paint. This week in MakeKind, I’m using the expressive painting technique to liven up a plain umbrella with some vibrant summer hues. Here’s how…

MATERIALS // drop cloth, waterproof paint (I used Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Satin Paints), old plate, all-purpose paint brushes (I used a variety of sizes, as well as a toothbrush), scrap paper, umbrella

STEPS // 01 FIND YOUR TECHNIQUE  I found it easiest to test out a few splatter techniques before painting my umbrella. To begin, cover your work area with a drop cloth and pour a few dollops of paint onto an old plate.

Next, dip paintbrush into paint and begin flicking the brush at the scrap piece of paper. Experiment with different brushes, distances and angles. Once you feel comfortable with the technique, it’s time to paint your umbrella.

02 // PAINT YOUR UMBRELLA  Open your umbrella and rest on it’s handle. Splatter each color one at a time, rotating the umbrella in the process. Allow each layer of paint to dry before applying the next. Once all colors are applied, set aside to dry overnight.

Once dry, your new umbrella can be used to shield rain or sunshine!

Prefer a more bold, geometric print? Stay tuned; you will love my next post!

[photos by Christine for Design For Mankind]

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