my pregnancy story // birthing fears.

Deep breaths here, friends. I’ve got just a handful of days before Bee’s anticipated arrival, and it’s starting to get scary real! I’ve already written about how terrified I felt at 38 weeks, but I wanted to share my latest episode– the final chapter in my pregnancy story: Birthing Fears. (Click above to watch.)

Obviously, pain factors pretty high on my fear list, but I also talk about something larger…

The potential that Bee (or myself) won’t come out of this 100% healthy. It’s sometimes scary giving up control and letting nature run its course, especially when I’ve been nurturing this tiny being for over nine months and feel so much love for her already!

What did you guys fear most in preparation for your births? And how did you deal with the inevitable anxiety? I’d love your tips and can’t wait to introduce Bee to each of you! Thanks for watching my pregnancy story on – we’ll have one heck of a baby book to show this little girl after all 10 episodes!

Big hugs to you,