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It’s back to school time for the kiddos, a time of starting fresh and establishing routines.

As we move into this time of the year, how can you pull the back-to-school spirit into your own life?

Maybe the answer is taking a class or starting a project. Maybe the answer is letting go of something like the trees shed their leaves. Maybe the answer is settling into a routine, setting a new habit, or making that change in your life that summer has kept you from…

But whatever it is, don’t fight the pull. Be open to change. Trust what you know you want. (And don’t be afraid to stock up on new school supplies either!)

As we approach the fall, what are you most excited about?


  • I’m most excited about getting into a routine! After a summer of lots of traveling, living out of a car, parties, swimming, & late nights my kids & I all need a little more normalcy & routine.

  • I love fall, the colors, the possibility of wearing knits again (I love knitting), and I adore school supplies. But I have to be honest, I will dearly miss summer…

  • I’m excited about making some dreams of mine come to life, finding great career mentors, trying new things, and finding my niche. Lots of growth going on this year!

  • What a lovely post. Autumn always feels like the time for a fresh start to me, even more so than Spring some how. This year it’s a pretty big new project for me, a move from Ireland to NYC. It’s exciting but it’s also giving me those first day of school nerves!

  • i agree, backtoschool/autumn is so invigorating… i’m moooost excited about starting my new job, and stretching out a bit. i’m ready to start pushing my limits

  • I needed to read this. My freelance makeup career and blogging has gotten a little “stale” I guess you could say. I need a fresh start and should start thinking about learning or doing something new in my craft – just like my 3 children are in 1st, preK, and preschool! They come home with something new they’ve learned everyday!!

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