life design 101.

As you think about making your mark on the world, where are you looking for inspiration? Do you spend your time looking at what other people are doing? Or do you look inside, to what you know about living your biggest, dreamiest life?

That’s right – what you already know about living your biggest, dreamiest life.

We are so quick to look at the lives of other people for guidance, creating inaccurate comparisons and thoughts about how we “should” be living our lives.

Instead of looking outward, how can you look in and use what you already know and have to make your life better? What’s your story to tell the world? What lessons has your life taught you? What’s your unique point of view to share with everyone?

Let your story and experiences guide you as you make your mark. You are already a wildly unique and amazing person – the world just needs more of you (the REAL YOU!).


  • This post is exactly what I needed today. I literally just sat down to think of a way to sell my drawings as a way to pay for graduate school. I began to feel discouraged and looked at ways other people had done it. I then began to lose focus as to what I WANTED and not needed to create. I came to Design for Mankind as a breather and this post was waiting, as if it was just for me.

    Thank you for bringing your own fresh perspective to the world!

  • why is it that this lesson is so hard to remember? thank you for the reminder :)

    comparison is the thief of joy. love what’s yours.

  • Thanks for the excellent reminder to look inside for inspiration and answers.

  • This is my first visit to your site, and the format of the comments (Name: Name’s comment) confused me at first. It seemed as if each commenter were talking to, thanking, complimenting him/herself. And then I realized how perfectly that fit with Tiffany’s message. :-)

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