For some school is back in session. For me, this time of year conjures up memories of watching the clock and counting down the minutes until recess, so I’ve come up with a more modern version of a wall clock…

MATERIALS // Paper mache box lid (10″ one shown here), white rectangle sticker labels (12 total), ruler, black spray paint, clock kit (found at your local craft store).

STEPS // 01 MARK YOUR CLOCK Using a ruler, mark the clock for where you want your stickers to go. These should be evenly placed. I measured the clocks outer edge, and divided that by 12 and created marks evenly along the side in pencil.

02 // MARK YOUR STICKERS You will want to make a mark at the center of each sticker. This will act as your guide  when you stick it to the box lid. You must make sure to measure each sticker in the same place, so that the clock looks even when it is finished.

03 // ADHERE STICKERS After marking the stickers center point, adhere them to the edge of your box lid, directly on the marks you made along the side. Be sure to allow the mark for the half way point on the sticker to match up with the edge of the box lid. (see photo below) Repeat this process until all 12 stickers are placed.

04 // PAINT AND PEEL Be sure each sticker is well adhered to the box and paint it using spray paint. Once dry, gently peel each sticker off the box lid to reveal your design.

05 // ADD CLOCK KIT Drill a hole in the middle of your box lid, using the instructions on the clock kit. Assemble the clock kit as directed and you’re finished!


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