bookmark it.

Happy weekend! As usual, here are some links that landed in my inbox throughout the week. Click away!:

1. Crying plants = beautiful installaton from Marina Molares.
2. In mad love with Jen’s new launch of Cisthene jewelry.
3. A smart, hidden storage solution for your bookshelves!
4. Postcards from Above is like a vintage Google Maps. Rad.
5. The first recyclable umbrella!
6. A hauntingly dark book about car accidents and text messages.

  • I love this post! Especially the book marks! This area can be very difficult to navigate. Although bookshelves are for books…they are also opportunities for other types of storage. Some items we own arent appropriate for display…this is a perfect solution! Great post!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  • Those umbrellas are totally mind bending in a very nice way. Living in the northwest we have a built in umbrellla (heads up) meter. These are really beautiful.

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