life design 101.

I (Tiffany) am getting married tomorrow (HOORAY!), and in the spirit of commitment, I thought I’d ask this question to you today:

What do you need to recommit to in your life?

An amazing life, just like amazing design, isn’t created by waiting around for something good to come by. It’s created, through dedication, hard work, and the knowledge that great things are out there waiting for you. But you have to go get them.

It’s about saying YES to showing up and demanding greatness for yourself.

Tomorrow I’m saying yes to my best friend and great love in honor of our great adventure-filled life. What are you going to say yes to?


  • Timely words! Just the right get-me-up-pep-talk I needed to hear right in the midst of some drastic changes I’ve done on my life; “An amazing life…isn’t created by waiting around for something good to come by” **gem!!

    Thank-you!! and best wishes to you both for this beautifully grand & new chapter of your lives!! Nee

  • Congratulations Tiffany! I’m saying yes to a terrifying life change… leaving my full time office job to work full time for myself. Eek! But you’re right, if you don’t make it happen, it won’t happen!

  • Congratulations! That’s amazing news. I’m saying yes to all kinds of opportunities lately! Anything to make life brighter.

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