magic age?

So, it’s no secret that newborn babies are polarizing – you either love the stage or you hate it. And I, friends, am of the “I sort of hate it” camp (is that horrible to admit?*). Here’s the thing:

I loooooove kids. Love, love, love ’em. But this whole baby thing feels very much like taking care of a very needy houseplant. That spits up on me. Frequently. And then cries in my face while pooping on my shirt. All at the same time. How can someone so talented at multi-tasking still not take over laundry duty?

So my question to you guys is: When does it get fun, in your opinion? Is it when they suddenly smile at you for the first time? Or when they can hold their head up so you’re no longer scared your baby will head-butt the fridge while you’re getting a snack? When they get on a schedule? When they say their first words?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Is there a magic age? And what did you look most forward to with your own babies? Time to spill!

p.s. Photo above is Bee at nearly 7 weeks! Not the magic age, it turns out. Ha!
p.p.s. I love Bee, I promise!*