Continuing my theme of taking somewhat ordinary items and turning them into something useful or decorative, I’m here with this weeks MakeKind post to show you how to make something from all of those loose hex nuts and washers you might have laying around the toolbox. Or as in my case, you can opt for shiny brand new ones and browse your local home improvement store for some fun shapes. Here’s how!:

MATERIALS // Spray Paint, Blank Canvas (shown measures 8″ x 10″), assorted washers, hex nuts, etc, glue gun

STEPS // 01 PAINT CANVAS Using the spray paint, cover your canvas in the color of your choice (black shown here). For best coverage results use thin, equal coats when spraying your canvas, letting each coat dry before adding another coat.

02 PLAN OUT YOUR DESIGN // Spread out your collection of washers and hex nuts and plan out how you want your design to be on your canvas. First mark the middle of your canvas with a pencil and work your way towards the edges of the canvas. Once your design is all laid out, snap a quick photo for reference so you know how to build it back together.

03 GLUE PIECES DOWN // With small beads of glue, adhere each piece to the canvas, working slowly to make sure each piece goes where you intend. Some of the pieces get small, so it’s not a bad idea to get a toothpick to help transfer the glue to each washer, etc. Continue gluing down the pieces until you’re satisfied with your design.

Let the glue dry (5 minutes) and enjoy your creation!