MAKEkind 23.

With the days of summer coming to an end, the thought of board games and indoor activities come to mind. My favorites are simple ones, like tic tac toe and hangman. I could spend several lazy evenings challenging someone to a mean game of  dots & boxes. Keep reading to see how I took some household items to make my very own tic tac toe board…

MATERIALS // 8″ x 10″ canvas, pack of plastic toy horses (12 total pieces), two colors of spray paint (black & gold shown here), washi tape

STEPS // 01 PAINT HORSES  Spray paint six of the 12 horses black and paint the remaining six horses gold. Let dry.

02 TAPE CANVAS //  Mark the canvas into thirds. Tape across the canvas, leaving extra on each end to wrap around to the bottom.

03 FINISH TAPING CANVAS // Continue taping the canvas, two vertically and two horizontally to finish with a board containing 9 equal spaces.

Make sure to smooth down the tape to ensure contact and wrap the extra tail to the underneath side of the canvas for a finished look.

Gather up the game pieces, find an opponent and play your heart out as we say so long to summer.