life design 101.

you can do anything but not everything

I loved Erin’s post earlier this week showing the step-by-step design evolution of a single room.

What if you were able to take that one-piece-at-a-time principle and apply it to your life?

What if, instead of fixating on all the things you needed to change (cue overwhelm), you started small, replaced one thing, and then moved on to the next?

Creating your most amazing, dreamy, magical life is an evolution, a process that takes time and deliberate thoughtfulness. Accepting that fact will make it much easier for you to get started, instead of being stuck in the day-dreaming stage.

Where would you start with the step-by-step process of redesigning your life?

Image via Pikaland

  • A very true statement. One of the gifts of getting older is that you realize in a visceral way that time is finite. And your life gets better, more specific, more bespoke, as a consequence.

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