MAKEkind 26.

My husband and I (Laura) have been married about a year and a half and are finally feeling somewhat settled in our home. With that, we’ve also been purchasing a few art prints to adorn the walls which got me thinking about what I could possibly make to hang. I’ve come up with a project that is unique, somewhat tedious, but oh so cool once you finish with it:

MATERIALS // blank canvas (shown is 11″ x 14″), five colors of paint, popsicle sticks (about 150)

STEPS // 01 PAINT POPSICLE STICKS Separate the popsicle sticks into 5 piles of 30. Paint 30 sticks each color, for a total of 150 painted popsicle sticks. This sounds way un-fun, but the paint actually dries fairly quickly onto the wooden sticks and you shouldn’t need more than two light coats of paint.

02 // LAYOUT DESIGN Once all of the popsicle sticks are painted and dry, it’s time to start laying them out onto the canvas. In this example, I did overlapping rows, starting with three rows on the bottom.

03 // OVERLAP STICKS Once the base layer is down, go ahead and layout the top layer of sticks as shown below.

04 // SECURE DESIGN After you’ve settled on a layout you’re happy with, go ahead and glue each stick in it’s place using regular craft glue. Let dry and admire your work!

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