Oh, friends. Would it be so very cliche to thank you today? Of course it would. But I’m doing it anyway. Some of you are new to this ride, and others have been following along through ups and downs and changes and shifts for the past six years. And whether you’re a loyal fan of this site or just popping in every now and again, I want to thank you endlessly.

This site has opened so many doors and windows and emergency exits and my life has shaped itself into something dramatically different than I thought possible. If you were to ask the small-town girl from the midwest what she’d be doing in 2012, my answer would be vastly different than what I feel so lucky to do daily. Because of this blog, I get to be a stylist. A designer. A writer. An artist. A maker. A DIY crafter (although admittedly, I’m not great at that one!). Because of this blog, I get to be just like the people I feature daily  – a creative. Thank you for that.

And before this post goes Sap City (but while I’m still in gratitude mode), I’d like to also thank the universe for salt and vinegar chips, Spotify playlists, rainy mornings, BB cream, Elton John, freckles, good-smelling books, polka dots, hippos and polka dotted hippos.

Love to you all, and enjoy your holiday break. See you here Monday!

Photo Credit // Woodnote Photography

  • So sweet! As a new but faithful reader, thanks for having such great and inspiring content! Not to mention for reminding me to take a moment today and be just a wee bit more thankful. As an american living in spain thanksgiving usually passes by pretty much unnoticed for me, but it is good just to pause and give thanks. Even if I do miss out on the turkey and the pie…

    • Ah, your life sounds so wanderlusty! Hope you can track down some mashed potatoes across the pond. ;) Thanks, dear!

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