gift guide // brother-in-law.


This week’s gift guide is for your brother-in-law: the dude who can’t stand to give up the remote, but always offers to mow your dad’s lawn:

1. Because you know he doesn’t have anything to wear to your cousin’s wedding. Grey polka dot knit tie ($109) at Inventory
2. Because he has a thing for astrology. Stellar shave cream ($22) at Need Supply 
3. Because he started drinking tea to suck up to Grandma Martha. Bellocq holiday tea ($33) at Beautyhabit
4. Because his shoes sort of smell. Douglas fir sachet ($5) at Terrain
5. Because he’s always writing biz ideas on napkins. Field Notes ($10) at Hypebeast
6. Because he loves tuning out your sister. RHA earphones ($50) at Apple
7. Because again, he loves tuning out your sister. Bamboo radio ($65) at Lexon
8. Because he’s still using plastic sacks. Waxed canvas lunch bag ($48) at Kaufmann Mercantile
9. Because he swears it’s “Dob kit.” DOPP kit ($45) at Izola
10. Because he’s nothing more than a grown-up kid. Cubebot toy ($27) at Hemingway and Pickett
11. Because he likes to pretend he’s cultured. Kinfolk magazine ($18) at Curiosity Shoppe
12. Because he’s your husband’s favorite pipe-smoking buddy for the holidays. Clay pipe ($36) at Best Made Co.
13. Because he appreciates great design (and is consistently 20 minutes late). iPhone alarm clock ($30) at Madewell

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