mom chat // are you jealous of your partner?

Bee has a super strong bond with my husband, which is so incredible to watch. Except sometimes, I feel a tiny bit jealous inside. (Bee’s first smile was directed at Ken, which simultaneously melted my heart and sent a ping of sadness to my head!) Suddenly, I find my mind reeling with all of the things she’ll prefer to do with my husband, rather than me.

Ken’s just… funner. He’s a big fan of impromptu dates and new adventures – and he always, always tells the best jokes. On the other hand, I’m a stickler for schedules, routines and rules. Naturally, I sometimes worry that she’ll enjoy his company more than mine (it’s inevitable, right?). So tell me, friends – have you been there? Are you envious of your partner because of the bond they share with your child? And how do you handle it?

I’d love to hear your stories (and this is a fascinating article about Mom vs. Dad jealousy!).

Photo Credit // Woodnote Photography