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neon and nude shoes

So, here’s a game I like to play with myself. Everyone loves to indulge in a few of the latest trends, right? But how will you know if purchasing a trendy item is nothing more than an impulsive addition to your wardrobe that you’ll wear a few times and then donate months later?

Buy the cheap version first. Say you’ve been eyeing those glittered loafers but aren’t sure if your daily life really calls for such footwear? (It does, by the way – do it!) Impulse, then invest. Purchase the cheap version, and if you find the item is getting a ton of wear, trade up for a more quality version (unless of course, you love the one you’ve got!). This season, I upgraded my Target loafers for an Ann Taylor version and my Old Navy chambray for its Madewell counterpart.

Tell me, what are your favorite shopping tips/tricks? (I still live by the $100 rule, by the way!)

  • I live by the exciting ‘found a thrift store gem yay!’ moments and the transferring money through my phone trick if I’m feeling especially frivolous, ha.

  • My tip? Everything seems like a good investment after a few glasses of wine, right?! Step one: fill a glass with wine, surf for your favorite things, and bookmark. Step two: finish wine and pour a second glass, perhaps with some cheese. Revisit newly loved pages. Step three: finish wine, pour another glass, and on the way back into the living room, grab wallet…I think you get the picture! :)

  • What a great idea!! I can never seem to help myself when it comes to buying trendy additions for my wardrobe, I will have to keep this in mind. My shopping tip is simple… Bring along your husband, his judging eyes keep you only buying the neccesities.
    xx. Lou

  • What a great tip! I think I subconsciously do this anyway, but end up still feeling guilty about not wearing some of those cheapie trend pieces. If I think of them more as trials as you suggest, that goes away! And I can just feel good about all the money I didn’t spend on the fancier version! (ha! nothing like a good guilt-alleviating rationalization)

  • I have this problem a lot. One of my tricks: I have a massive collection of nail polish. You can always update your look by flashing a trendy color nail polish which usually costs less than $10. I have SO much nail polish! Even though I have 2-3 neon pieces in my wardrobe, I went with neon nails for a few months until I was sure I was game for it. That way, I only spent a few bucks to update a look. I just bought some oxblood red polish for the same reasons. The only downside is that I tend to spend time painting my nails a lot!

  • Erin, I love this post!! Here are a few of mine….
    1. Less is more: Getting dressed is WAY easier if I have less items in my closet.
    2. Be picky: If there is something you don’t like about a garment when you try it on, pass. It will probably bother you every time you go to wear it.
    3. Gems: Find a few “gems” to add to your closet. These are pieces that will always make you feel AHmazing (no matter what your mood). If you have to splurge on something, indulge here! ;)

    • OMG I love these tips! YES YES YES! I totally noticed #1 after I had Bee. All the sudden, so many of my clothes didn’t fit, but getting dressed was never easier! :)

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