best of 2012.

I have a semi-big announcement this week before I take a break for the holidays, and it only seems fitting to pay homage to a few favorite designers one last time before 2012 passes before us (and before I share some news about this site). More on that later, but for now – a few of my very, very favorite finds from 2012.*


1. The balloon desk.
2. Cikolata’s genius styling.
3. Due’s topographic tees.
4. Emma Hardstaff’s graduate collection.
5. Eva Malschaert’s room dividers.

6. Femke Agema’s apocalyptic fashion.
7. The rocking chair that knits.
8. The teapot man.
9. Flavorful ties – literally.
10. An infographic journal.

the best of art/design in 2012

11. A floral fashion shoot.
12. Infographic scarves.
13. Louis Mariette’s headpieces.
14. Marit Fujiwara’s textile designs.
15. Meadham Kirchhoff’s runway show.

best moments of art/design in 2012

16. The most organized office collection.
17. Wearable planters.
18. A studio glimpse.
19. Skin color scarves.
20. Yvonne Kwok’s marionette-inspired fashion.

Thanks for joining me on another awesome journey this year. 2012 was something, wasn’t it?

*Note: Not all of these projects were produced in 2012, but this is the year I spotted them!

  • If your announcement is that you’re abandoning this site I will be oh so very sad as I only JUST found you! Don’t go!!! :-(

  • Um, I am having a hard time focusing after that little tease. So many good finds over here. You always keep me inspired. Thank you. xo

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